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Our products are manufactured from renewable and sustainable Coconut Coir and Bamboo. We have a wide assortment of plantable coconut coir pots, coconut coir growing media, coconut coir mulch, grow bags, complete “Grow Your Own” greenhouse seed starter kits and so much more.

Why Choose PlantBest?

PlantBest, Inc is a global leader in coconut coir and green innovation within North America. We have the widest coconut coir assortment of products that is currently available in the market with more than fifteen years of experience. We offer sturdy and attractive packaging for all our products that makes them retail ready. We also offer retail ready displayer options that make displaying our products quickly and efficiently. Through our testing and rigorous quality standards we deliver the highest of quality product every time to meet customer standards and needs.

Why Choose PlantBest Coconut Coir Pots?

Throughout the past fifteen years, PlantBest coconut coir pots have been the proven choice in leading North American growers and retailers. We currently offer the widest size and shape assortment in the world to date. All our products are thoroughly university tested and evaluated to ensure that the perfect growing environment is created for all growing applications. We have partnered with HC companies which is a leading North American manufacturer in plastic pots and trays to offer a complete tray compatibility program. PlantBest will also help you become the marketing leader with our custom shrink-wrap and/or pre-labelling program that we offer in house.

Performance Benefits of PlantBest Coco Fiber Pots

flowers in coir potsThere are several advantages to using a PlantBest Coconut Coir Pot when compared to other growing methods. They include the following:

  • Our coco fiber pots demonstrate visibly better, faster plant growth
  • They encourage an exceptionally strong root system
  • Coconut coir pots maintain structural integrity in the greenhouse
  • Coco pots are rich in nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium
  • They are pH neutral, odorless and lightweight
  • Coconut coir pots are weed and disease free
  • Coco fiber pots will not pull moisture away from the plant
  • Coco pots avoid transplant shock by using a plantable pot

Environmental Benefits

  • Coconuts can be harvested every 75 days, naturally renewing themselves
  • Refined nesting means reduced shipping and less waste
  • Our coco pots are made from biodegradable, organic material
  • Coconut coir has no harmful environmental impact
  • They offer higher resistance to mold – no fungicide is needed
  • There are no disposal issues

Our brand family now includes PlantBest, EcogoGrow and EconoGro and our products include 1-2-3 Gro!, BeatsPeat, MegaMulch, Plant Boost, HandySoil, Nature’s Coco Organic Coir Garden Mulch and Growing Mix, and more.

In cooperation with Planters Pride and HC Companies