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Welcome to PlantBest’s Family of 100% Natural, Environmentally Friendly Products
for Horticultural Growers and Gardening Retailers.

Our products are manufactured from renewable and sustainable Coconut Coir and Bamboo, and include a wide assortment of coconut coir pots, coir growing media, tree planting kits, and many complete “Grow Your Own” greenhouse seed starter kits.

Why Choose PlantBest?

  • We are global leaders in coconut coir and green innovation
  • We have the widest assortment of products
  • Packaging is sturdy and attractive
  • We abide by rigorous quality standards
  • We have an established track record

Why Choose PlantBest Coconut Coir Pots?

  • Our coco pots are the proven choice of leading North American growers and retailers
  • We have the widest size and shape assortment in the world
  • All products are thoroughly university-tested and evaluated
  • We offer complete tray compatibility through our partnership with HC Companies, North America’s leading maker of horticultural plastic pots and trays
  • Our top moving SKU’s are always in stock
  • We offer a wide range of special order sizes as well
  • Custom artwork and pre-labelling is available in house

Performance Benefits of PlantBest Coco Fiber Pots

  • Our coco fiber pots demonstrate visibly better, faster plant growth
  • They encourage an exceptionally strong root system
  • Coconut coir pots maintain structural integrity in the greenhouse
  • Coco pots are rich in nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium
  • They are pH neutral, odorless and lightweight
  • Coconut coir pots are weed and disease free
  • Coco fiber pots will not pull moisture away from the plant
  • Coco pots avoid transplant shock by using a plantable pot

Environmental Benefits

  • Coconuts can be harvested every 75 days, naturally renewing themselves
  • Refined nesting means reduced shipping and less waste
  • Our coco pots are made from biodegradable, organic material
  • Coconut coir has no harmful environmental impact
  • They offer higher resistance to mold – no fungicide is needed
  • There are no disposal issues

Our brand family now includes PlantBest, EcogoGrow and EconoGro and our products include 1-2-3 Gro!, BeatsPeat, MegaMulch, PeatEliminator, Plant Boost, HandySoil, Nature’s Coco Organic Coir Garden Mulch and Growing Mix, and more.

In cooperation with Planters Pride and HC Companies