A Potting Mix that Fights Global Warming

Note:  SoilSponge is no longer available.

SoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix from PlantBest adds up to 7 days between watering using 100% natural, sustainable ingredients

TORONTO, ON – SoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix from PlantBest is on its way to Home Hardware, Home Depot and RONA (western warehouses only).

All-new from PlantBest and a continuation of the innovative SoilSponge family of products, this 100% peat-free instant premium potting mix uses all-natural ingredients such as coir and dehydrated coffee bean shells while delivering up to 7 additional days between watering compared to traditional peat-based potting mixes.

All this is done in a light, compact format that eliminates big bags. In fact, each “disk” expands to fill two 4″ pots.

If you have yet to hear about coir (pronounced “koi’er”), you have been missing out on this unique new growing medium. Coir is the higher performing peat-moss replacement quickly gaining ground as an exciting new product in North American garden centres.

Why has there been recent buzz about peat moss replacement products? Largely unknown among consumers is the fact that using peat moss promotes the destruction of enormous tracts of artificially drained peat bogs – a vital component of our global biosphere and a natural carbon sink that helps control global warming. In fact, peat bogs, many of which are found in Quebec and New Brunswick, store and filter up to 10% of the world’s fresh water and have one of the best “carbon retaining” capacities of anything in nature.

Using SoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix is not only beneficial for the environment, it is a convenient, higher performing growing medium for your plants and has multiple benefits:

    • SoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix acts like thousands of tiny natural sponges that

      release water to plants as they need it.

    • Facilitates even watering, promoting improved plant growth.
    • 100% natural and environmentally sustainable unlike peat moss or polyacrylamides

      often found in conventional potting mixes.

    • SoilSponge products are ideal for any plants and work especially well for water-needy,

      fruit-bearing plants.

    • Feel better about leaving your potted plants when at the cottage or on vacation – they won’t

      need to be watered as often.

Simply place the SoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix into a pot, add water and wait for the pellet to expand significantly. You can pot all your plants directly in this growing medium.

The organization behind this unique new product is PlantBest, North America’s leading manufacturer of highly effective and 100% sustainable coir-based garden, lawn and outdoor products. Coir is a previously wasted byproduct of coconut farming in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and is the main ingredient in all PlantBest products. Coir is a highly versatile and hyper-renewable material found in the husk of a coconut shell and is largely responsible for SoilSponge‘s exceptional performance.

The bottom lineSoilSponge Instant Premium Potting Mix is the 100% environmentally friendly, superior-performing instant potting mix that helps the earth and adds up to 7 days between waterings.

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