About PlantBest – old

PlantBest, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the vision to develop an ultimate environmentally friendly gardening solution. Today PlantBest, Inc. is the leading innovative coconut coir producer for North America. From the very beginning we have strived to expand and define our coconut coir products to deliver the best growing solution through coconut coir products to our wholesalers, retailers, soil blenders, and growers within North America. Today we make an assortment of compressed soil blocks, biodegradable coconut coir planters, greenhouse kits and more. We ship our products worldwide which allows us to service your needs regardless of size.

At PlantBest, all development has been based on three fundamental principals. We continuously strive to develop environmentally friendly products to continue to help the planet, help developing countries and create a sustainable rural life within them.

We currently manufacture our products in two manufacturing plants in Vietnam where we process millions of spent coconut husks annually. Within our manufacturing facilities we pay well above average wage rates, build schools and roads, support over 200 local farmers with our daily purchases, and provide excellent working conditions that include well-lit and ventilated working spaces.

Coconuts currently grow in a great abundance and naturally within a warm climate like Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka and are currently harvested for food which leaves the husk remaining as waste. We have developed and perfected a lawn and garden solution that uses the outer husk into a soil-less soil solution, a biodegradable coconut coir pot that can be planted into the ground as well as many other solutions. With our process this allows for 100% of the coconut to be used which avoids waste that fills landfills and other valuable space within these countries.

Please join us as we create a better planet, better countries and better the lives of people throughout the rural developing world!

Thijs Millenaar
Co-Founder PlantBest, Inc.