Eco Friendly Gardening – Five Easy Steps

Do you want an attractive, environmentally friendly garden but don’t know where to start? With a few simple practices and help from some innovative products you can enjoy your own oasis and do what’s right for the environment too.

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Using Peat is SO Last Century

Point #1:

Canadian peat moss is used world wide by amateur gardeners and professional horticulturists for amending or replacing soil, mulching and as a seed-starting medium. It is the #1 ingredient in potting soils.

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Global Warming – Oh, For Peat’s Sake!

TORONTO, ONTARIO – A recent ’60 Minutes’ program reports that scientific documents on the effects of global warming are being censored by the US government. “The Canadian government has shut down the main federal website on the topic and removed all mention of global warming from its speeches,” reports the ‘Toronto Star’.

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At the Core of Coir

Coir (pronounced “koi’er”) — the one- to two-inch (3 to 5 cm) thick fibrous layer between the green skin and the hard brown shell of a coconut — is fast gaining international renown for its eco-friendly horticultural applications.

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For Peat Sake Don’t Use It!

TORONTO, ONTARIO – If you care about the environment, don’t use peat moss in your garden. Why? Peat moss is harvested from environmentally sensitive areas take took thousands of years to form. These natural habitats support wildlife and help to reduce the effects of global warming. They are irreplaceable!

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Water Plants Less Often With SoilSponge

This product is no longer available.

TORONTO, ON – Busy people spend less time watering their plants when SoilSponge is added to the soil. Made of 100% natural ingredients, SoilSponge absorbs water like thousands of tiny sponges. As the soil dries out, SoilSponge releases just the right amount of moisture to the plants as they need it.

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