It’s Easy Being Green: Barbeque With Coconuts This Summer – CleanCharcoal

PlantBest Eliminates Coal with innovative new CleanCharcoal Product

TORONTO, ON – Canadian retailer Home Hardware will be stocking an exciting new product this spring that offers consumers an easy way to “go green” while cooking outdoors. Everyone knows that burning coal is one of the dirtiest forms of energy production and contributes to global warming, releasing harmful toxins and CO2 into the air. This fact is no different when using charcoal in your barbeque.

CleanCharcoal burns longer & hotter, is smoke-free, leaves almost no ashes and is 100% sustainable. It can be used in your barbeque or backyard chiminea for superior, less expensive and cleaner outdoor cooking.

How is this possible?

PlantBest is an innovative Canadian company on a mission to help consumers “go green” with 100% renewable, high-performing garden and outdoor products while subsequently improving the quality of life for subsistence farmers in the Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam.

PlantBest‘s suite of garden, lawn and outdoor products are highly effective and 100% sustainable.  Their game-changing ingredient is the use of coir (pronounced “koi’er”), a previously wasted byproduct of coconut farming in the region. Coir is a highly versatile material found in the husk of a coconut shell.

CleanCharcoal is made from a remarkable combination of “coir” and a tropical potato – another 100% sustainable ingredient.

Thijs Millenaar, President of PlantBest points out that “many consumers don’t think twice about the environmental impact of product choices beyond purchases like automobiles and appliances.

PlantBest‘s goal is to make it easy for consumers to expand their use of environmentally friendly products to their gardening and outdoor activities – an area where many do not realize the significant environmental harm caused by conventional products on the market today.”

The bottom line: CleanCharcoal offers a 100% renewable, environmentally friendly and better performing replacement for charcoal this grilling season.

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