Home Hardware Gets Serious About Environmental Sustainability With New Coconut Coir-Based Products

Helping the environment is close to home

Coconuts are combating the climate crisis across Canada this growing season. Three new 100% renewable, high-performing gardening and outdoor products have hit the shelves at Home Hardware stores nation-wide. Natura brand BeyondPeat, BeyondMulch, and BeyondTwine are all made from hyper-renewable coconut coir (pronounced “koi’er”), the spent rind of a coconut.

These products ring true to their names; all are environmentally friendly alternatives beyond conventional peat moss, mulch and twine products on the market today.

Coir has multiple benefits. Previously considered to be agricultural waste, coir is a highly versatile fiber found in the husk of a coconut fruit that can form the basis of multiple garden and outdoor products.

Coir is hyper-renewable (a healthy coconut tree produces up to one batch per month) versus alternatives such as peat moss, which takes 220 years to re-grow.

Coir is fast gaining international notoriety for its eco-friendly horticultural applications. American rose growers are raving about it and Dutch farmers have been using it with great success for years.

Natura BeyondPeat

The better-than-peat, peat moss substitute made entirely from half-used coconuts. All gardeners should consider that peat moss contributes to global warming and eco-system destruction as it is essentially “strip-mined” from drained peat bogs. Peat bogs constitute vast areas of land, especially in Canada, and are important “carbon sinks” for slowing the negative impacts of global warming.

  • BeyondPeat adds organic matter to any soil.
  • BeyondPeat will notably reduce watering requirements.
  • BeyondPeat is 100% organic
  • BeyondPeat is pH neutral

Natura BeyondMulch

The combination of fine coconut coir fibers and chunks of coconut shell creates a netting that hooks and won’t blow away easily, unlike other more grainy mulch products. Due to BeyondMulch’s high water absorption you can use a half inch layer versus the traditional 1 to 2 inches conventional mulches require. BeyondMulch is easy to use; simply soak the bale in a wheelbarrow and watch it expand 5 fold in 5 minutes!

  • BeyondMulch reduces watering and weed growth.
  • BeyondMulch prevents soil erosion.
  • BeyondMulch will last up to 2 years.

Natura BeyondTwine

The 100% natural twine created from the husks of coconuts. Use it in the garden, around the house, or anywhere you could use some renewable reinforcement. An incredible value, each roll offers up 600 feet for typically less than a penny a foot!

Feel great by helping the earth while discovering these unique, high performing garden and outdoor products this growing season. Home Hardware is your “close to home” destination for 100% environmentally friendly coconut coir products.

For more information about BeyondPeat, BeyondMulch and BeyondTwine,
Contact Patsy Moss at patsym@plantbest.com or Thijs Millenaar at thijsm@plantbest.com