Help the Environment, Don’t Use Peat Moss

Environmental responsibility and superior performance go hand-in-hand with BeatsPeat

Toronto, ON – Peat moss promotes global warming and eco-system degradation. Peat is essentially “strip-mined” from drained peat bogs (most of which are located throughout vast tracts of land in Quebec and New Brunswick) and is simply an unsustainable product much like oil or coal. What makes the use of peat moss unsustainable?

  • Peat Bogs are carbon sinks; the harvesting of peat moss releases CO2, promoting global warming.
  • Peat moss compromises ecological systems that filter 10% of the world’s fresh water.
  • Peat bogs are home to many important floral, fauna and animal species.
  • A typical peat extractor will take up to 22cm of peat per year; peat grows at a rate of 1mm/year.
  • The Royal Horticultural Society in the U.K. has mandated that 90% of its own growing media
  •       requirements be peat-free by 2010.

PlantBest, a leading Canadian eco-biz dedicated to the production of environmentally responsible garden and outdoor products while simultaneously supporting fair trade with developing nations has developed an better performing, 100% sustainable alternative to peat moss. BeatsPeat, available in major Canadian retailers such as, Home Depot and RONA (Western warehouse stores only), is a game-changing product and offers consumers many benefits:

  • Improved soil aeration and drainage
  • Increases the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water and nutrients
  • Loosens the soil and makes weeding easier
  • BeatsPeat is rapidly renewable so it’s eco-friendly
  • Is pH neutral, making BeatsPeat ideal for everything you grow (the pH level of peat moss is
  •       inconsistent and is often inappropriate for some plants)

BeatsPeat is made from 100% premium coconut coir. Previously considered to be agricultural waste, coir (pronounced “koi-er”), is the spent rind of a coconut and can be refined to various degrees to produce a highly effective peat-moss replacement. Farmers in the Netherlands have been raving about the use of coir as a growing medium for decades. Coir is brown, light and soil-like and can be used for the same applications peat moss is used for.

Economical, Compact and Easy to Handle

BeatsPeat is economical and packaged in compact, expandable slabs that are lightweight and easy to carry and store. A 5.0 kg bag when reconstituted with water expands to make the equivalent of one 3.0 cubic foot (medium) bale of peat moss.

As part of PlantBest‘s commitment to promoting a healthier planet, a portion from each sale of BeatsPeat is donated to World Wildlife Fund – Canada to support global conservation efforts.

The bottom lineBeatsPeat offers consumers a high-performing, high-value, 100% environmentally sustainable replacement for peat moss. For more information about the destruction of peat bogs visit (link no longer active).

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