For Peat Sake Don’t Use It!

TORONTO, ONTARIO – If you care about the environment, don’t use peat moss in your garden. Why? Peat moss is harvested from environmentally sensitive areas take took thousands of years to form. These natural habitats support wildlife and help to reduce the effects of global warming. They are irreplaceable!

Now, there is a better alternative called PeatEliminator. This 100% natural and renewable product is produced from the fibres and sponge-like particles that make up the thick husk of the coconut.

Coconut palm trees grow rapidly in the tropics, and are quickly renewable, unlike peat bogs which require generations to regenerate.

Environmentally Responsible Gardeners Choose PeatEliminator for Better Performance.


  • Improves soil aeration and drainage
  • Increases the soil’s ability to absorb and retain nutrients
  • Loosens the soil and makes weeding easier
  • Is pH neutral, making PeatEliminator ideal for everything you grow
  • the pH level of peat moss is inconsistent and is often inappropriate for some plants

PeatEliminator is rapidly renewable so it’s eco-friendly. Benefiting Conservation Efforts, a portion from each sale of PeatEliminator is donated to Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF) to support conservation efforts around the World.

Economical, compact and easy to handle PeatEliminator is economical and packaged in compact, expandable slabs that are lightweight and easy to carry and store. A 3.75 kg bag, when reconstituted with water, expands to make the equivalent of one 2.3 cubic (medium) bale of peat moss.

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