New Coconut Coir Mulch Expands 5 Fold with Water – MiracleMulch

TORONTO, ON – Leading Canadian retailers Home Depot, Home Hardware and RONA (western warehouse stores only) will be stocking the next worldly topic of conversation between you and your neighbors this growing season.

MiracleMulch, the new natural beautifying ground cover from PlantBest is made from Coconuts. Chopping the husk of a coconut, combining the chunks of shell with highly – absorptive coconut coir fibers and finally compressing the mixture into a convenient, lightweight package produces a ground cover with surprisingly functional characteristics:

  • Reduced watering
  • Reduced weed growth
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Will last up to 2 years


The combination of fine coconut coir fibers and chunks of coconut shell creates a virtual netting that hooks and won’t blow away easily unlike other more grainy mulches. Due to MiracleMulch’s high water absorption you can use a half inch layer of mulch versus the traditional 1 to 2 inches.MiracleMulch is easy to use; simply soak the bale in a wheelbarrow and watch it absorb the water to expand 5 fold in 5 minutes. You will have over 2 cubic feet worth of ground cover to work with!

PlantBest, North America’s leading manufacturer of coir-based garden and outdoor products is dedicated to 100% environmental sustainability, superior-performing products and fair-trade business principles.

In addition to MiracleMulch, PlantBest offers consumers a suite of 100% sustainable, high-performance garden and outdoor products designed to,

  • Fight global warming by replacing planet-damaging peat moss products with coconut-based coir substitutes
  • Support subsistence coconut farmers in the nether regions of Vietnam and support fair trade practices designed to keep the majority of the economic production benefit in this developing country.
  • Provide better-performing products relative to conventional ones on the market today.


The Bottom Line PlantBest provides the storyline about how you turned a relatively mundane outdoor purchase into an act of environmental and economic sustainability; you provide the support for an economic champion our environment so desperately needs on its side.

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