SoilSponge Wins 94% Approval Rating from National Home Gardening Club

Recently, two thousand members of the National Home Gardening Club, America’s largest club of gardening enthusiasts, tested SoilSponge. Using a rigorous test criterion, SoilSponge was measured for moisture retention, ease of use, design, clarity of instructions, durability, appearance and performance. SoilSponge received a 94% approval rating!
PlantBest, makers of SoilSponge, is pleased to announce that SoilSponge can now proudly display the National Home Gardening Club’s Member Seal of Approval.

SoilSponge is an amazing, natural soil amendment that lets busy people spend less time watering their plants.When mixed with soil, SoilSponge adds up to 7 days between waterings. It is made of 100% completely natural ingredients that absorb water like thousands of tiny sponges.

Plants, People and the Environment Benefit from SoilSponge

SoilSponge acts as an insurance policy for people who tend to forget to water their plants while away.

SoilSponge is perfect for everything from houseplants to garden plants.

Soil that is conditioned with SoilSponge retains more moisture, releasing it when it is needed, thus retaining important nutrients longer to encourage more vigorous growth.

Eco-friendly SoilSponge is kind to the environment.

SoilSponge is safe to use around children and pets.

SoilSponge‘s natural brown colour does not rub off or stain hands or clothing.

SoilSponge is available at leading garden centers across the United States and Canada.

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