Using Peat is SO Last Century

Point #1:

Canadian peat moss is used world wide by amateur gardeners and professional horticulturists for amending or replacing soil, mulching and as a seed-starting medium. It is the #1 ingredient in potting soils.

Point #2:

Peat bogs do three critical things: They form a unique natural habitat, home to countless species of flora and fauna, many of which are at risk. They are a carbon sink, a storage site for carbon dioxide. Removing peat from a bog releases carbon dioxide into the air, which contributes to global warming. They store and filter 10% of the global freshwater resources.

Point #3:

Although Canada is the most responsible country in the world regarding their peat bog restoration policies, the fact remains that . . . A typical peat extractor removes up to 9″ (23 cm) a year, while a peat bog only regenerates at a depth of 1/25″ (1 mm) per year. Therefore, one year’s extraction regrows in 220 years. Does this really mean “renewable” to you?

Point #4:

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the U.K. has mandated that 90% of its own growing media requirements be peat free by 2010. Further, they “consider the purchase of peat to be unacceptable for the primary use of soil incorporation and ground mulching.”
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