PlantBest, Inc.’s Flagship Products

In May 2005, Toronto-based PlantBest, Inc. introduced its first two coir-based products to the North American market. They are currently available across Canada, and in the United States at Menards in 10 states, northern California Ace Hardware stores, independent garden centers throughout the country and through online retailers listed on

PeatEliminator – the better alternative to peat moss — is made entirely from coir, a coconut byproduct.

Used to amend and aerate soil, PeatEliminator is pH neutral (peat moss is acidic); is clean and free of weed seeds, pests and pathogens; it holds 30% more water than peat moss; and it wets and rewets almost instantly. One application lasts for up to four years. A percentage of all PeatEliminator sales are donated to the World Wildlife Fund, Canada.

SoilSponge – is an all natural, coir-based, soil supplement that adds up to seven days between waterings. Used by placing a thin layer at the bottom of a container, and mixing it in a 1 part SoilSponge to 6 parts soil ratio, it acts like thousands of tiny sponges, soaking up water and only releasing it on as needed basis.

SoilSponge is recommended for use with container plants (inside and out), pre-potted plants, vegetables, ornamentals and for lawn repair and seeding.

For more information contact: Thijs Millenaar 905-470-0724, extension 359 or email

Note:  SoilSponge is no longer available.