Eco-friendly Company Develops a Better Alternative to Peat Moss – PeatEliminator

TORONTO, ON – PeatEliminator is an economical, convenient and responsible alternative to peat moss. PeatEliminator by PlantBest is a 100% natural and renewable product produced from the fibre and coir that make up the thick husk of the coconut.

Unlike peat moss, (that is harvested from environmentally sensitive peat bogs which grow at 1mm per year) coconuts are a rapidly renewable resource. In fact, farmers can harvest up to four crops per year.

Why Not Use Peat Moss?

Peat bogs are good for the environment

They form a unique natural habitat that plays an important role in conserving global biodiversity. Peat bogs are home to some of the rarest species of wetland-dependant plants and animals. They are ‘carbon sinks’ that help to reduce global warming by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They help to maintain water & water quality (peat bogs hold 10% of the global freshwater resources).

Peat bogs are not really renewable

A typical peat extractor removes up to 22cm per year, but a peat bog increases in depth at only 1mm per year. For example, it takes 220 years for one year’s worth of peat extraction to re-grow, and is not really “renewable”.

Fair Trade Policy PlantBest obtains raw materials for PeatEliminator from subsistence farmers in an isolated region of the Mekong region of Vietnam. Through its program of fair trade, PlantBest creates jobs and opportunities for workers in this economically depressed area.

PlantBest creates a demand for raw materials and compensates suppliers at a rate better than the national average.

Thijs Millenaar, President of PlantBest states, “We absolutely do not exploit workers in the region. In fact, we typically pay well in excess of the national average”.

PlantBest Contributes to Conservation Efforts

A portion from each sale of PeatEliminator is donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in support of conservation efforts around the World. Millenaar, says, “I feel so strongly about conservation efforts that I have designated a portion of my estate to the World Wildlife Fund Canada”.

Environmentally Responsible Gardeners Choose PeatEliminator for Better Performance

  • PeatEliminator improves soil aeration and drainage
  • Increases the soil’s ability to absorb and retain nutrients
  • Loosens the soil and makes weeding easier
  • PeatEliminator is rapidly renewable so it’s eco-friendly
  • Is pH neutral, making PeatEliminator ideal for everything you grow (the pH level of peat moss
  •       is inconsistent and is often inappropriate for some plants)

For more information contact: Thijs Millenaar 905-470-0724, extension 359 or email: