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The Eco-Friendly Way to Improve Your Soil

100% All Natural Premium Coconut Coir

For vegetables, trees & shrubs, flower beds and lawns

Use as a Hydroponic and Growing Medium

  • Just add water – Expands in minutes
  • High water retention – absorbs and retains more water than peat moss
  • Improves aeration and drainage
  • Adds organic matter to any soil
  • pH neutral
  • Ingredients: Coconut Coir

Gives you up to 3 cu. ft.

Help preserve our natural peat bogs


For best growing results, and if possible, pre-rinse with water.  Or else, combine BeatsPeat with 10 gallons of water or until it is saturated.  Using hot or warm water will ensure quicker expansion.

Mix into your soil for improved growing results, or use as a standalone growing medium.


Why Save Our Peat Bogs?

Peat bogs form unique natural habitats, home to countless species of flora and fauna.  They are storage sites for carbon dioxide.  Removing peat from a bog releases carbon dioxide into the air, which contributes to global warming.

They store and filter 10% of the global freshwater resources.

Typically, one year’s extraction of peat from a bog takes 220 years to grow back.

Instead of peat moss …

BeatsPeat is made of 100% premium coconut coir.

Fast gaining international renown for its horticultural applications, coir is the previously underused outer husk of a coconut.

One coconut palm produces 75 to 150 nuts per year and can bear fruit for up to 75 years.

Hyper-renewable, coconuts are grown throughout the tropics worldwide.

An estimated 17 billion coconuts are harvested annually from about 9 million acres.


Product DescriptionProduct Part CodeCase Pack
BeatsPeat (5.0kg/11 lbs/3 cu ft equiv) including 2 piece coreplast signage kit3041128 eapallet
BeatsPeat (5.0kg/11 lbs/3 cu ft equiv)3041HD24 ea1/4 pallet
Ready-to-Use BeatsPeat (21litre/0.74 cu ft equiv)390975 eapallet


Available at Peaceful Valley Grow Organic

All Natural Premium Coconut Coir


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