Healthy Kitchen Essentials™ Kit

Product ID# 3370

A great seed starting kit that allows you to grow your own herbs in your kitchen.

Once your herbs have grown you can simply cut fresh herbs from your plants to add to your favorite meal.

All herbs can be grown and maintained indoors up to nine months or the entire plant and pot can be planted directly into a planter or ground if desired.

Our herb kit includes three delicious herbs that are perfect for any meal that you are preparing (dill, cilantro and parsley).


Healthy Kitchen Essentials™ complete kit includes

  • 3x Biodegradable coconut coir pot
  • 3x compressed coconut coir soil disks
  • 3x Recyclable saucers
  • Parsley seed packet
  • Dill seed packet
  • Cilantro seed packet
  • Growing instructions & tips


Healthy Kitchen Essentials™ Kit