Coco Coir Plantable Pots

Product ID#'s 3253, 3254, 3289, RZR02251, RZR03001, RZR04001, RZR06000

100% Peat-Free Renewable Coco Coir Plantable Pots for Vegetables and Flowers

  • Seed and cuttings flourish in biodegradable coco coir plantable pots
  • Less mold growth than peat based pots
  • Available sizes: 22 x 3.00″, 26 x 2.25″, 12 x 2.25″, 8 x 3.00″, 8 x 3.50″, 6 x 4.00″, 6 x 6.00″


Coco Coir Plantable PotsCoco Coir Plantable Pots for Planters Pride


Plant seeds or cuttings in the pot.  When plant matures, plant the entire pot and its contents into the garden.  After the pot and contents are planted into the ground or a larger pot, the roots will penetrate the pot.

* Pots need to be planted for roots to penetrate the pot.

USDA Certified Biobased Product


Eco Fact:

With peat bogs hodling 10% of the Earth’s fresh water, PlantBest, in association with Planters Pride is proud to offer 100% peat-free, university tested, renewable coir.



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Product DescriptionProduct Part CodeCase Pack
2.25" Round Coir Pots - 26 Pack325424 eacase
3.00" Round Coir Pots - 22 Pack325324 eacase
2.25" Round Coir Pots - 12 PackRZR0225124 eacase
3.25" Round Coir Pots - 8 PackRZR0300124 eacase
3.0" Square Coir Pots - 8 Pack328924 eacase
4.25" Round Coir Pots - 6 PackRZR0400124 eacase
6.0" Round Coir Pots - 6 PackRZR0600024 eacase

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