Soil Erosion a Major Environmental Threat,
Now Consumers Can Prevent It

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Innovative, affordable 100% natural erosion control system from PlantBest lets consumers solve any erosion control problem.

Soil Erosion control is the second most concerning environmental problem behind population growth, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Cornell university. Erosion is a global phenomenon that does not receive its fair share of attention based on the current problems it is causing for the world’s food supply, ecological balance and human health. Erosion by wind and water promotes an increase in dusty, polluted air that carries air-borne disease and contaminates lakes, rivers and streams with fertilizers and pesticides.One simple step towards reducing all forms of erosion is populating erosion-prone areas with vegetation.

PlantBest, a Canadian company dedicated to fair trade and 100% sustainable products that replace current planet damaging alternatives, has developed SoilSaver.SoilSaver is a 100% natural coconut-coir based erosion control system that is used by professionals for major erosion control projects worldwide. This product is easy for anyone to use and is now available in regular and double-strength versions at Home Hardware locations nation-wide.

SoilSaver creates a natural web of protection for seeds to take root more effectively. Lay SoilSaver netting around erosion-prone areas outside the home, cottage, business, or any location where the loss of fertile soil in gardens, destruction of walkways and even erosion of major portions of land is a possibility. You can even transform completely bare areas where you thought greenery was impossible into green spaces that will become entirely new ecosystems.

PlantBest, one of the leading manufacturers of planet-friendly lawn, garden & outdoor products uses a material previously considered to be agricultural waste as the basis for all of their products, including SoilSaver.

Coir (pronounced “koi-er”) is the spent rind of a coconut and in the case of SoilSaver has been manufactured into a netting system that can be applied easily and provides benefits such as:

  • Reduced soil and rain runoff
  • Curtailed damage from human and animal traffic
  • Protection of plants and shrubs
  • Accelerated plant growth

The Bottom Line: Erosion is a significant environmental concern. SoilSaver creates a protective netting that will promote improved plant growth and prevent further erosion while you are trying to populate an area with greenery.

A sloped area completely populated with new greenery after coconut coir erosion control products were installed.

Cornell Study On Erosion

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