Gardeners Could Save Millions If Natural Water-Retaining Soil Supplement Used

Note:  SoilSponge is no longer available.

SoilSponge from PlantBest adds up to 7 days between waterings

Have you ever lost your expensive potted plants because you forgot or were unable to water them often enough? Have you worried about crystals or gels (polyacrylamides) used in other potting-mix products for potting plants bearing fruits or vegetables?

Now available at major retailers such as Home Depot, Home Hardware and RONA (western warehouses only) is SoilSponge; a game-changing, 100% natural soil supplement that can reduce watering frequency by up to seven days, and can be added to any potted plants for as little as $1.00.

Adding SoilSponge is like an “insurance policy” for your plants and has multiple benefits:

    • Even watering promotes improved plant growth.
    • SoilSponge is ideal for water-needy, fruit-bearing plants.
    • Feel better about leaving your plants when at the cottage or on vacation.
    • 100% natural and environmentally sustainable unlike peat moss or polyacrylamides

found in conventional potting mixes.

    • SoilSponge acts like thousands of tiny natural sponges that release water to plants

as they need it for up to 4 years.

Recent Research Findings

Rodger Tschanz, at the University of Guelph’s Department of Agriculture, concludes. “Our tests with a wide range of potting soils showed that SoilSponge resulted not only in less watering, but also a clear opportunity to delay the need for watering. We would expect in the home environment, the user would see an increase of some 7 to 10 days between waterings, depending on conditions.”The organization behind this unique new product is PlantBest, North America’s leading manufacturer of highly effective and 100% sustainable coir-based garden, lawn and outdoor products. Coir (pronounced “koi’er”), is a previously wasted byproduct of coconut farming in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, and is the main ingredient in all PlantBest products. Coir is a highly versatile and hyper-renewable material found in the husk of a coconut shell and is largely responsible for SoilSponge‘s exceptional performance.

PlantBest is on a mission to help consumers “go green” while subsequently improving the quality of life for subsistence farmers in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam where the company houses its manufacturing facilities. Thijs Millenaar, President of PlantBest is excited to offer this new product to consumers through leading Canadian retailers such as Home Depot, Home Hardware and Rona (Western Canada warehouse stores only). “SoilSponge represents a significant development for consumers and the environment alike. The combination of superior performance, low-cost, and environmental friendliness has significant benefits for everyone potting plants this growing season.”

The bottom line: SoilSponge is the 100% environmentally friendly, superior-performing supplement that adds up to 7 days between waterings. No gardener should be without it this spring!

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