Tired of Watering the Lawn

Note:  SoilSponge is no longer available.

Add Days Between Waterings with SoilSponge LAWN WATERING SPREAD

Toronto, ON – Has your lawn suffered because you forgot, or were unable, to water it often enough? Are you trying to reduce your outdoor water consumption? SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread — new to the market for the 2009 gardening season from PlantBest, Inc. – is a 100% natural, coir-based supplement in pellet form that is guaranteed to reduce lawn watering frequency.Thijs Millenaar, President of PlantBest, Inc., and self confessed king of coir, said, “SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread is a natural extension of our original, and much lauded, SoilSponge product which, when added to potting soil, reduces the need for watering container plants by up to one-third.”SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread is like an ‘insurance policy’ for lawns, with multiple benefits:

  • Acts like thousands of tiny natural sponges that release water into your lawn as needed.
  • Pellets are easily applied with a seed spreader, or can be scattered by hand.
  • Even watering promotes a healthy lawn and improved growth.
  • SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread is 100% natural and environmentally sustainable.

There’s no longer any need to worry about leaving your lawn during dry, hot summer weekends, and PlantBest, Inc. has taken it one step further – with the introduction of SoilSponge Lawn Watering & Seeding Spread. It has all the features and benefits of SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread, plus grass seed, so one can grow a new lawn or repair/thicken an existing one.

SoilSponge Lawn Watering Spread and SoilSponge Lawn Watering & Seeding Spread – available in a Sun/Shade Mix and Sun Mixavailable at Home Depot, Home Hardware and RONA.

PlantBest, Inc. with manufacturing facilities in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, is North America’s leading manufacturer of highly effective and 100% sustainable coir-based lawn, garden and outdoor products.

Coir (pronounced ‘koi’er’) is a previously discarded byproduct of coconut farming. Highly versatile and hyper-renewable, coir – the ideal substitute for peat moss, is made from the husks of coconut shells and is the key to the exceptional performance of all SoilSponge products.

For more information, please visit: www.PlantBest.com or call PlantBest @ 905.470.0724.
For media inquiries only, please contact: Thijs Millenaar @ 905.470.0724 or thijsm@plantbest.com