GreenWell Water Saver Product Features


  • Wraps around trees, shrubs, bushes and more
  • Increases the success of new plantings and conserves water usage by 25% or more
  • Acts as a well that stores and directs water and fertilizer deep into plant root zones
  • Inventive zipper joint allows the ring to be removed and reused if desired
  • Works on sloping ground and helps hold fertilizer and mulch in place
  • Eliminates water run off on flat or sloping ground
  • Protects from line trimmers
  • Made in the USA from safe-to-grow-in recycled polypropylene

GreenWell Water Saver Application

GreenWell Water Saver

Product DescriptionProduct Part CodePallet Qty
17" Diameter / 7 Gal GreenWell3510200 pcs
26" Diameter / 13 Gal GreenWell3511144 pcs

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