Professional Hydroponic Mix with GroChunxâ„¢


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MerryGroâ„¢ MaxAirâ„¢ Hydroponic Grade Coco Coir with GroChunxâ„¢

A 100% coconut coir substrate that offers incredible advantages to hobbyists and professional engaged in growing quality plants.

The composition of the substrate consists entirely of coconut fibre which is derived from coconut husks in the tropics.

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MerryGroâ„¢ Professional Hydroponic Mix with GroChunxâ„¢ is a coco substrate that is an ideal product for all growing methods.

The substrate is superior to other substrates due to its high-quality composition and its fine structure, texture and its purity.

Because the product is thoroughly buffered and rinsed it ensures that all ideal conditions are met at the very beginning of its growth cycle.

  • Includes coconut coir GroChunxâ„¢ for additional air content
  • 100% Coconut coir substrate with a uniform structure
  • A Dutch style formula that is washed and treated
  • Expertly buffered
  • Naturally retains moisture which is great for active or passive hydroponic systems.
  • Free from harmful viruses and carefully screened for soil diseases
  • Adds positive microorganisms to your substrate
  • No chance of soil diseases developing

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Weight 24.3 lbs
Dimensions 15.75 × 26.4 × 6 in